About Our Company.

Our company is only a facilitator between students and education providers and giving almost free services or little charges for extra services needed.  

What We Do

We provide free education admission platform to advertise free for admissions in the country or outside the country. We only provide services but not responsible for any advertisement if they are being held for fraudulation or any activities which publisher is doing should be considered his/her personal act as we have no involvement or any contract signed with them.

How it Works

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We want members to create an account by using my account page and create to get more free ads and premium plans.

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We provide users to post their educational ads by using "Post an Ad" button at the top without registration or with registration.

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We initially offer 1 free ad for unregistered members and 10 free educational ads for registered members.

Advertise admissions

The educationaladds.com is all about free advertisement and promotion to your School and to create platform for students and representatives at one place.

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