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Postgraduate Specialized UK government university qualifications for healthcare professionals and related persons with lowest cost ever and 100% online recognized degrees.

Our Courses
Acute Medicine PGDip, MSc

Cardiology PGDip, MSc

Cosmetic Medicine PGDip MSc

Diabetes PGDIP, Msc

Dermatology PGDIP Msc

Endocrinology PGDip MSc

Gastroenterology PGDIP Msc

Nephrology PGDIP Msc

General Medicine PGDIP Msc

Geriatric Medicine PGDIP Msc

Oncology PGDIP Msc

Applied Clinical Psychology PGDIP Msc

Applied Health Economics PGDIP Msc

Clinical Psychiatry PGDIP Msc

Infectious Diseases PGDIP Msc

Leadership in Healthcare PGDIP Msc

Medical Education PGDip MSc

Neurology PGDip MSc

Neurosurgery PGDip MSc

Obesity and Weight Management PGDip MSc

Occupational Health PGDip MSc

Pain Management PGDip MSc

Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine PGDip MSc

Public Health PGDip MSc

Renal Medicine PGDip MSc

Respiratory Medicine PGDip MSc

Rheumatology PGDip MSc

Sports and Exercise Nutrition PGDip MSc

Sports and Exercise Medicine PGDip MSc

Stroke Medicine PGDip MSc

Urology PGDip MSc

Women’s Health PGDip MSc

Osteoporosis PGDip MSc

Palliative Medicine PGDip MSc

Genomic Medicine and Healthcare PGDip MSc

Courses by Profession
Courses for General Practitioners
Courses for Doctors
Courses for Pharmacists
Courses for Practice Physiotherapists
Courses for Nurses
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Wales, United Kingdom

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